Chapter 918

Falling To The Enemy

‘Table manners’ were very important. Even Leylin needed something to cover up Cassley’s murder, those large noble families often investigated these things thoroughly.

Due to the racial conflicts, the rulers of various human nations had sent their armies to help in the north. However, even the most ferocious armies could only push the frontlines of battle closer to Yorkshire. There was basically no difference even with them around.

There was a solemness and tragedy to the paladins who were heading north alone. Leylin didn’t dwell on it long, though. Soon enough, the troops of Yorkshire brought the conditions of the city.

Leylin and the nobles could enter, but the army would have to stay outside. That was their bottom line. Leylin merely rolled his shoulders back and accepted this condition calmly.

The surge of nobles from the north had inflated Yorkshire’s prices greatly, to the point that...

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