Chapter 915

Dying in the Line of Duty

This was a peak rank 8 Magus with the power to twist time and change the future! The thought of himself reaching that realm left Leylin with a sense of longing.

“Whatever it is… This operation ended well. Let’s talk after leaving this place…” Leylin swept his eyes across the information in the A.I. Chip. The plethora of data about arcanists in there was real.

Leylin’s complexion only improved after they left the dragon’s cave, once he breathed in the chilly air that smelt of nature.

‘While the pocket dimension crumbled completely, there’s a possibility of something being left behind. I shouldn’t get too involved with this sort of thing before this body rivals my main one in power…’

There was fear in Leylin’s heart, ‘If the Distorted Shadow truly had malicious intent towards me, that one streak of intent would be enough for me to die there. So why did he let me off at the end, and even give me this scr...

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