Chapter 913


‘Who on earth is he? He’s just a minor noble of Silverymoon City on the surface, but secretly he possesses the power of a Legend. Besides, he seems to be very familiar with this place… So why did he lie to me earlier?’ Helen was completely puzzled, but she carefully hid all her thoughts. After all, Leylin now held the right of life and death over her.

The core of the control room was unexpectedly small, and it only had an area of 5 or 6 square metres. At the centre was a strange hexagonal prism with all sorts of strange screens next to it. Some of them had already lost their glow or were filled with a grayscale static, while others were working.

“Open!” The outer shell of the hexagonal prism opened with Leylin’s command, revealing a blue crystal structure within.

“This is…” Helen looked at the splendid and magnificent blue crystal which sparkled beautifully, it was like she had been bewitched.

“This core port controls half of the laboratory and is also a communication terminal....

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