Chapter 912


“Where is this place?” Helen asked as she touched the solid metallic walls in the surroundings. They had a silver-white lustre, making them look like a product of science fiction.

“It seems like it is a pocket dimension made by an arcanist, though it’s quite small…” Leylin closed his eyes, and his astounding senses spread out. They allowed him to feel the undulations connecting the dimension.

“This place is already on the verge of disappearing. It was always sealed, but now that we’ve activated the dimension we’ve started the countdown to its demise.” Leylin had an interest in this spatial overlay technique that sprung from the depths of his heart.

These preparations showed that once the Magi who comprehended laws showed them the path, they’d combined those experiences with advanced technology to do amazing things.

“What a pity…” There was a trace of regret in Leylin’s eyes. The pocket dimension...

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