Chapter 911

Secret Pathway

Chain Lightning! Freezing Sphere! A burst of powerful light appeared from Leylin’s hands and struck the two wings on the back of the red dragon in an instant, causing a chilling cold in the air.

Leylin proficiently controlled the power of the spells, launching attacks on the wings with powerful spells.

Dimension Hop! At this moment, Tiff’s figure flickered behind the dragon’s back, and two curved knives ruthlessly slashed into the base of the red dragon’s wings. With added support from powerful spells, even the defensive dragon scales began to show signs of damage, scalding dragon blood spurting out.

“Damn it, damn it! You bunch of wretched worms!” The red dragon exclaimed, blasting crimson flames from its throat that were hot enough to smelt metal.

“Let’s go!” Leylin summoned numerous walls of ice in succession, but with the dragon’s breath, they could only hold on for a few seconds. That allowed him to escape from the cave with Rafiniya.

Their strategic goal had been...

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