Chapter 910

Slaying A Dragon

*Roar!* A huge silhouette streaked across the sky, and a huge monster that was tens of metres long immediately pulled its terrifying meaty wings before disappearing into a dark cave.

“Mm, that truly is the red dragon.” Leylin nodded. Dragons in the World of Gods were like huge lizards with wings, though they looked far more sinister. Their eyes that looked like spheres of lava left an especially deep impression on him.

“Ye– yes, my lord!” Helen answered from next to him, her body trembling.

“Is this because of the dragon’s aura?” Leylin looked at Helen, suddenly understanding and shaking his head with regret.

‘Looks like the Professionals under rank 10 shouldn’t come. They can’t handle the intimidation from the aura…’ he concluded. In his view, this fearful draconic aura was a weakened version of a spiritual force domain. Just facing the dragon would be a problem if one lacked a strong mind or spiritual...

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