Chapter 91

Discovering Jayden

A violent explosion sounded, and the bright yellow tongue of the flames spread in all directions, burning the nearby ground to scorch dark.

At the middle of the explosion, at this moment, there was a pit which was 1 metre deep and several metres wide.

Dust and mud flew up, and the surrounding earth had black smears of blood, broken limbs and internal organs were strewn across which had lost most of its original appearance. After costing Leylin some effort, he finally managed to rummage through them and picked up a few badges.

“A level 3 acolyte and two level 2 acolyte! A pretty good reward! Using an explosive potion as a triggering trap is indeed useful!”

Leylin was rather satisfied with his battle results. This was one of his few plans - using the Shapeshifting spell to pass off as a level 1 acolyte, baiting and luring enemy acolytes into a trap.

With the detection of the A.I. Chip, several times Leylin’s ‘hunt’ was flawless, and did not suffer from any interference.

“Almost there!” Leylin kept the badges well.

He had to collect enough badges before the enemy united as a whole, and then hide until the battle was over.

For this goal, after Leylin used the Shapeshifting spell and Ground Spear once to kill an acolyte, he began to avoid using his own spiritual force and magic power. Instead, he relied on potions and scrolls to battle, preserving his condition to the fullest in times of need.

After cleaning up the area slightly, Leylin hurriedly left the place.

Not long later, a male and female acolyte appeared in the vicinity.

Looking at the obvious traces of an explosion, and the bits and remains of the Whitewoods Castle uniform, this time, the female acolyte’s face darkened.

“I want to kill him! Then hang his head on my horse carriage for 100 days!”

The female acolyte clenched her teeth.

“You will have this chance very soon! We are getting closer and closer to this conniving acolyte….”

Silver-Clawed Saurun half knelt on the ground, and picked up a stalk of grass with sludge on it, before placing it into his mouth.

“However, I admire his courage. He actually dares to obstruct our acolytes!”

“Enough of the nonsense! Have you found him?”

The female acolyte asked.

“Over there!” Saurun chewed on the blade of grass and closed his eyes for a moment. He then pointed to a direction and the both of them immediately headed in that direction.

In a dense forest, on a withered tree with three branches sat a grey robed figure. His stature was rather short, as he looked up at the sky.

“Dusk is coming!” Leylin muttered.

In the secret plane, there was neither the sun nor the moon, and not even any stars. However, the peculiar thing was that the bright sky would be strewn with white rays of light. At night, these rays of light would disappear, which distinguished between morning and night.

It seems like there was a layer of a barrier which blocked the sun and moon at the same time.

“After a whole day, I have only received these much!”

Leylin counted the contribution points he had gotten.

In his hands rested 6 badges. Amongst these, 5 of them were from level 2 acolytes, and 1 from a level 3 acolyte, which was the contribution of the trio's leader from before.

It was extremely easy to distinguish between a level 2 acolyte and level 3 acolyte due the shape.

“According to the academy rules, an enemy level 2 acolyte is worth 3 contribution points while a level 3 acolyte is worth 10 contribution points. Those famous acolytes are separately categorised. Right now, I have at most 25 contribution points, just half of what I need to exchange for the Grine Water.”

Leylin’s face was rather solemn.

Although Leylin had gotten 25 contribution points in a day, it was because that the enemy acolytes were scattered across the secret plane and have not yet gathered.

After a day and night, the acolytes in the other two factions would have definitely gathered. After forming a large army they would surround the acolytes of Abyssal Bone Forest Academy.

Under those circumstances, Leylin could barely protect his life, let alone obtain more badges from them.

Under the ordeal from the war previously, Abyssal Bone Forest Academy’s casualty was extremely disastrous. They simply did not have time to nurture a new batch of elite forces to go against the opposing two factions.

Moreover, if one walks the dark path often they will meet a ghost someday.[1. Refers to people who, when they do bad things often, will definitely have a bad ending.] Leylin did not believe that his simple trap could always work.

“If it really isn't plausible, I might have to give up!”

Leylin’s expression was determined. He was not someone to throw away his life for a little benefit.

Even if his will was to become the king in the Magus World, which was with the prerequisite of preserving his life. If not, even if he had everything but lost his life, what was the purpose of it?

“A.I. Chip! Maintain detection area! Report immediately if there are any problems!”

After issuing the A.I. Chip the role of a sentry, he dug a hole in the ground behind the tree for disguise purposes, before sleeping inside the hollow of the tree.

The acolytes of the 3 academies had to stay inside the secret plane for 3 days and 2 nights. Although the physical weariness can be overcome by various potions and methods, the mental fortitude was not that simple to replenish.

Thankfully, Leylin had the A.I. Chip, and could let it act as a sentry. It would do a great job with its ability.

Darkness blanketed the trees, time to time there were the cries of little worms.

In the hollow of the tree, Leylin shut his eyes. First, he meditated, before falling into deep slumber.

This was not a silent night. In the secret plane, various battles unfolded. Many colourful and enrapturing rank 0 spells were cast by the acolytes. Ambushes, reverse traps, beauty traps and the shrewd plotting were endless. Many young acolytes left their lives in this secret plane.

Of course, all these had nothing to do with Leylin.

The second day, when the sky was filled with radiant light, the hollow of a tree shook, and a huge hole appeared. Within it, Leylin walked out.

The power of nature was immense. After a night, many traces of blood diminished, and the various plants and animal tracks covered a huge amount of the intense battle marks left on the ground.

Leylin casually stretched and looked at the hollow of the large tree.

Leylin remembered clearly that he only made this opening last night. However, it was gradually mending back into whole. Leylin even discovered a few green coloured sprouts nearby the opening.

“It seems like the flora and fauna in this magical plane has vitality much higher than the physical world!”

Leylin stroked his chin and stretched his hand to pick a budding sprout with morning dew on it. “A.I. Chip! Scan the composition and record!”

[Beep! Comparing to the plant database. An abnormality is found!]

The A.I. Chip’s voice intoned. In front of Leylin was a green and light blue image overlapping. Moreover, in the centre of the image, was a red area that seemed like an octopus which was spreading its tentacles.

“Record composition!” Leylin ordered.

“Who knows if there’ll be a use in future?” Leylin comforted himself, and then began to pick a few more plants and herbs for recording purposes.

[Warning! Warning! There is an extremely strong radiation coming from 523m in the Southeast. Primarily determined as acolytes using rank 0 spells!]

Just when Leylin was picking out a green leaf with red veins, the alert from the A.I. Chip sounded.

“A chance!” Leylin’s eyes flashed.

Sage Gotham’s Hut and Whitewoods Castle were allies. Their acolytes wouldn't fight with the other, so if there was any battle, it definitely involved Abyssal Bone Forest Academy acolytes!

“With the A.I. Chip detection, I’m not afraid of being cornered if I am more cautious!”

Leylin patted his chest. Under the grey robes inner layer, a solid pendant lay against his chest.

“Or maybe, it’s time to test the might of the Fallen Star Pendant!”

Leylin whipped his grey robes up and concealed himself as he headed towards where the battle was.

* Boom! *

As he got closer, Leylin could feel the intensity of the radiation from the spells. This degree could only be produced by a level 3 acolyte. Moreover, it belonged to one of the stronger acolytes.

Towards the enemy level 3 acolyte which had a chance of advancing into a Magus before 20, Abyssal Bone Forest Academy opened a sky-high reward for it. They bumped the value up from 20 to 100 contribution points.

This is to say, if Leylin managed to pull this feat off, not only could he exchange it for Grine Water, he might even be able to exchange for a rank 1 defensive spell model.

However, Leylin’s legs halted, having a strong desire suddenly to leave.

To him, one Grine Water was enough for him to use in his experiments. The rest were just unnecessary, and it was not worth it to fight against these level 3 acolytes.

Moreover, there was another concern on his mind

Although the bounties of those popular level 3 acolyte were high, there were always professors behind them. Moreover, their respective professors would have definitely spent countless efforts on them.

Even if Leylin used his toe to think, he could definitely ascertain that the Magi have laid spells on their apprentices. The moment he kills one of them, his appearance and other information would be known by the Magus.

In front of an official Magus, the Shapeshifting spell was obsolete!

Even if Chairmen Siley protected Leylin after the bloodbath, he did not want to be drawing all the unwanted attentions to him and even be marked by an official Magus.

All in all, the risk was too great, yet the benefit was too little. Leylin would rather look for some level 2 acolyte or weary level 3 acolyte to kill than to invoke the wrath of those geniuses.

He did not hesitate to turn around.

Suddenly, a male voice sounded, “Haha! Jayden! You have finally landed in my hands!”

“Jayden?!” Leylin’s footsteps halted, and turned back.

The location of the battle was in the middle of some trees. And the trees right now have already been destroyed, showing a large clearing.

Leylin stealthily hid to watch the battle.

In the centre of the clearing, Jayden who wore a hunter’s attire was half kneeling on the ground. There were even vines coiling around him, acting as armour.

In front of him, a black-robed, male figure let out a maniacal laughter.

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