Chapter 907


Leylin could be at ease while the gods held petty, conflicting views. Were they to be united, there was no way he would be able to survive and grow in the prime material plane. His alternatives would be the deep abyss or hell itself.

‘The slumber of the World of Gods’ World Will, the Overgod, has encouraged many gods to harbour their own agendas.’ Leylin recalled the World’s Will of the World of Gods. The gods were the children of the world, and the World’s Will was their leader, the one and only Overgod!

In Leylin’s opinion, the World Wills of the Magus World and the World of Gods had reached the realm of rank 9. Omniscient and omnipotent, they were but one step away from eternity. It wasn’t just the gods and Magi who’d traded blows in the final war, the Wills had participated as well. Both sides suffered, and entered a heavy slumber.

Before its slumber, the Will of the World of Gods had completely sealed the world in a crystal sphere that isolated it from any communication. This move had effectively protected the World of Gods and allowed new gods to grow. However, once they were done dividing up the faith, the limit in number of worshippers had caused great internal conflict. Having lost their foreign enemies, the gods were now infighting.

At the very bottom of his heart, Leylin held a strong conviction that there were gods who coveted the seat of sovereignty. After all, they would fall if their worshippers dwindled in number. The only way was to extract world origin force and surpass the existence of a god.

The only thing standing in their way was the World’s Will!

‘Isn’t this ironic? To nurture a child that would eventually oppose you…’ Leylin’s eyes narrowed with a gleam of determination.


Outside the city walls, Leylin bumped into an entirely unexpected person.

“Wizard Cassley, good morning!”

“Good morning, wizard Leylin,” Cassley nodded at him, “Perhaps I will ride out with you and your troops, so when the time comes I hope you will cooperate.”

‘Cooperate?’ Leylin’s eyes narrowed, but the smiling expression on his face did not change as he slowly left.

Although he was a little weaker, the two were almost equal in status. He no longer had to give way to the other wizard as he had been forced to in the past. Since the troops were mobilising, coordination was purely between the mid-ranks and not an order given by the higher ups.

It was important not to underestimate this point, as it could be used to devastating effect in the midst of true battle. At the very least, it would put an end to Cassley’s informal and unnecessary orders, and eliminate the possibility of him sending the troops off to die.

“Damn!” After Leylin’s back disappeared from view, Cassley’s gently smiling expression completely collapsed. It was substituted with the most chilling intent.

Leylin Faulen! This name had grown offensively conspicuous ever since the orc invasion. Most notably, Cassley’s several retaliatory attempts against the wizard had all been played off, and even served to enhance the other man’s reputation.

In the end, many people had gradually come to lump him and Leylin together, likening the two of them to the brightest new stars in the sky. From Cassley’s point of view, the fact that they had gone as far as to place someone from the younger generation on the same level as him was a bald-faced insult!

Additionally, after he had suffered the defeats, the faction backing him had gradually withdrawn their support. This was something that he absolutely could not stand. There was only one way to resolve this mess, and that was to make the source of trouble, Leylin, disappear entirely from this world.

‘I look forward to the face you’ll show me before you die…’ A trace of darkness flashed across Cassley’s eyes, and he returned to Silverymoon City without looking back.


Two days later, nearly a thousand troops slowly left Silverymoon City.

“I’ve always found that Cassley an eyesore, and now he’s even deliberately riding out with us. He’s trying to make trouble for us, I’m sure!” The lady knight seethed next to Leylin.

“I’m afraid that he won’t simply cause trouble for us,” Leylin was well aware of the murderous intent that his companion was so clearly radiating. “Only… I’m not sure what will happen in the end,” A strange smile formed at the edges of his lips.

“We’re entering dangerous lands, stay alert!” As they drew closer to the Moonwood, even Cassley became even more vigilant. Werecreature attacks were a possibility now.

After the orc invasion, the forces near Silverymoon Alliance began to get restless, especially the Blackblood tribe who immediately occupied the entire Moonwood. Patrolling rangers had been able to routinely enter the place and gather information before, but now that was a death sentence.

An alliance between the werebeasts and the orcs now seemed entirely possible. After all, humans all thought that they had similar looks and characteristics.

Working together was natural when the conditions were right. Once the Blackblood Tribe joined the orc faction however, Silverymoon City would suffer an inconceivable setback.

‘The queen of the city, her majesty Alustriel, must be in distress…’ Leylin indifferently thought to himself.

A loud chirp sounded abruptly, coming from a grey and white eagle. This was an animal companion of one of the druid scouts.

“Baron Andrew’s castle is under siege!” The druid immediately reported to Leylin.

“A siege?” Leylin furrowed his brows. He could faintly see smoke and ash rising at the edge of the horizon, “By werecreatures or goblins?”

“It’s the werecreatures! I’m very certain, I saw the Blackblood tribe’s flag there!” The druid nodded vigorously.

“What are we waiting for, let’s go!” Rafiniya drew her longsword. Ever since she had seen the orcs and goblins massacre entire villages, she had become a resolute believer of human superiority.

“Wait, we should at the very least inform Cassley,” Leylin helplessly grabbed Nick’s reins and let an orderly inform their allies. There was a rather begrudging expression on his face as he said, “I’ve known you for so many years already, but you haven’t even matured a little…”

Before long, the orderly had already brought back Cassley’s reply.

“Commanding Officer Cassley says that he is in charge of the defence corps, and he will leave these matters for you to resolve!” The orderly announced loudly, and bowed as he left.

Before they had set off, he had not known what tricks Cassley had employed, and in the end he had unexpectedly obtained the mission of defending a few nobles. The mission Leylin had received was to attack and push the orcs’ frontlines back into the Moonwood.

Far behind the front line, Cassley was in charge of defence. He had even incidentally blocked his grain supply channels.

The impression would be that Cassley would defend the area when Leylin completely failed. His mission was similar to defending the city walls, but Leylin had been the pioneer who had taken the initiative to attack.

‘This fellow is already thinking of an unthinkable outcome behind my back…’ Leylin shook his head. If an ordinary person was in his position, perhaps they would die playing Cassley’s game. It was clear how deeply Cassley hated him from how readily he had issued the command.

‘Those who are meant to back me haven’t supported me at all. Is it a question of loyalty?’ Leylin sighed a little. He had risen to power too abruptly and had not truly won their trust. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have behaved so passively.

‘Once a wizard of Silverymoon City reaches rank 15, they sign a very powerful contract to pledge their loyalty. The effects can even extend until they reach the realm of Legends…’ Leylin suddenly thought of a rumour. Now, it seemed to be true. ‘Once I reach rank 15 and become a high-ranked wizard, something similar may fall to me. Cassley’s already signed the contract, which is why he’s so easily trusted…’

The troops under Leylin saw a look of unswerving determination on their leader’s face.

“Onwards!” Leylin finally issued the command.

A besieged castle rapidly appeared before them, the village next to it already burnt to the ground. There were corpses strewn everywhere, and many of them were badly mangled.

“Charge! Leave none of them alive!” At the sight of this scene, the soldiers immediately saw red. Leylin duly issued the command to attack.

“Kill!” Rafiniya led the way on horseback as the captain of a small squadron of knights. She and her subordinates fiercely advanced like black jackhammers into the werecreature army. The people in the castle let out a cheer at the sight of the reinforcements.

“There aren’t many werecreatures here, and they’re spent after the attack on the castle. If we coordinate with those inside the castle, they’ll have no luck in defeating us,” Leylin’s gaze swept across the entire battlefield as he demonstrated his natural leadership. The army made up of 200 Professionals became the most precise and accurate of tools in his hand, calmly and efficiently reaping the lives of the werecreatures before them.

When Cassley finally arrived from the rear, he only saw the scene of the auxiliary troops sweeping the battlefield clean. His eyes narrowed at Leylin’s abilities, and afterwards a dense killing intent leaked from him.

“I am Baron Andrew, I thank you all for coming to our aid!” At this moment, the securely shut castle door was flung open. A middle-aged noble walked out with his retainers, a trace of fear still lingering on his face.

“I am Cassley from Silverymoon City. You and your people have been saved,” At this moment, Cassley stood at the forefront and willingly took the credit. He looked as if he had no qualms about doing this, and Leylin’s subordinates were extremely angry at the injustice.

‘Haha… This is reality. Even geniuses must be restrained by the rules,’ Cassley had absolutely loathed this rule in the past, but now he felt very carefree.

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