Chapter 900


Devouring divine power like this was a very dangerous thing. Even if incomplete, even Legends couldn’t resist a divine conscient. If any idiot devoured the power of an existing god, he would either go crazy due to the huge conscient or get devoured by the divine force instead and become an incarnation of that god.

Yet Leylin was different. His original body was equivalent to a demigod to begin with, and he had the conscient and memories of his host body. He wasn’t the least bit afraid of this incomplete conscient.

*Hiss!* An unnerving phantom of a winged snake emerged from Leylin’s soul, glaring at the disabled monkey in front of it. Even if it was only a conscient, the monkey screeched in fright. The monkey screeched out of fright despite that it only being a conscient.

*Boom!* The Targaryen looked at the monkey with disdain before swallowing it whole. Leylin’s body trembled...

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