Chapter 90

Laying Traps

The bloodbath situation was forced on Abyssal Bone Forest Academy, which meant that the acolytes of the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy were in a disadvantageous situation.

And the acolytes belonging to the two enemy camps would certainly chase them as if they were hunting and killing their prey.

"Anyway, even if it was an astute hunter, if he left behind a single prey, then it is possible for the situation to be reversed - where the hunter becomes the hunted!"

Leylin licked his chapped lips, exposing a malevolent grin.

Now, the three academies' acolytes were scattered within the secret plane and the two enemy groups' acolytes had also not gathered. This was certainly a fortunate timing for Leylin to gather sufficient contribution points!

Once the enemy group gathered, then Leylin would not have any more chances.

"Let's do this! Today, I must defeat and kill as many of the enemy's acolytes as possible and scrape together enough of contribution points. After that, depending on AI Chip's guidance, I will stand aside and avoid the majority of the enemy..."

After deciding on his strategy, Leylin hurriedly looted the magic crystals and resources on the acolyte's body, leaving the scene.

Two hours later after Leylin left, another acolyte came to the scene.

"It's Greg!" After seeing the corpse on the floor, the acolyte's pupils shrank.

He came from the same academy as Greg. Seeing his comrade lying on the ground, this acolyte's expression turned pale white, as if wanting to puke.

He muttered, "Too dangerous! This mission is too dangerous. Greg and I are only level 2 acolytes, we have come to this secret plane purely to die! If I knew earlier, I wouldn't have taken up this mission!"

Regrets filled the face of this acolyte.

"Looking at this wound, it should be a heavy physical attack with an Earth element spell. The caster should be a level 3 acolyte! To deal with a level 2 acolyte, he actually used such a despicable method. What a low-life...."

It was not scary if the enemy was strong, but what was scary is if the enemy was strong and shameless!

After understanding this reasoning the acolyte felt his scalp tingle. He felt as if a pair of bloodthirsty and greedy eyes was eyeing him from the shrubbery, locking down on its prey.

"No way, I have to leave now!"

He then bowed towards the corpse on the floor, "I'm sorry. Although we used to be good friends, I am unable to give you a proper burial.... Or it may be that the destiny of magicians was to die along the path to the pursuit of truth!"

The acolyte made a prayer for his friend and prepared to leave.

"Je je! What a cold-blooded person, not even caring about his comrade's corpse!"

A female voice sounded from the air above.

"Who. . . who is that?" The acolyte jumped back several metres like a rabbit, and in his hands, there was a black scroll tightly gripped.

"Haha! Look at him, like a pathetic bunny that has nowhere to escape in front of a predator!"

The girl's voice sounded again. The crown of a nearby treetop shuddered, and a grey robed girl appeared in front of the acolyte.

This female acolyte wore the uniform of Whitewoods Castle, and the acolyte who was prepared to fight for his life heaved a sigh of relief.

"Hng! Trash!"

Another male voice appeared from the surrounding, and a young man walked out from the shadows. He wore the insignia from Sage Gotham's Hut, and his right hand was silver in colour throughout. It radiated a mellow yet suave colour and reflected the shadows of the nearby shrubbery.

"This appearance?"

The acolyte's hand trembled, and the scroll dropped on the ground. "Silver-Claw Saurun! You are Silver-Claw Saurun!"

Silver-Claw Saurun was considered one of the most vicious existence in the circle of Sage Gotham's Hut's acolytes. Rumours have it that for a piece of ingredient needed for an experiment, he had massacred a whole village of regular humans !

Although this was only a rumour, but this acolyte did witness the way Saurun treated his enemies - That was a devilish existence!

Although Sage Gotham's Hut was a Light Magi faction, but there were bound to be some talented acolyte with outstanding abilities in battle. Evidently, this Saurun was one of them.

Saurun did not bother about his junior who was frightened off his wits, and immediately walked to the corpse to inspect it.

"A very shrewd and ruthless method! Looking at the distance, the enemy should have activated the spell 20 metres away. This distance is the limit of Ground Spear! The enemy possesses an extremely high talent in his ability to use and calculate his rank 0 spells from it."

Saurun licked his silver right hand, giving off a sinister grin.

"He is mine! I will hunt and kill him personally, and let the world know the consequences of incurring the wrath of Sage Gotham's Hut!"

"As for you!" Saurun looked at the trembling junior distastefully.


"Yes! Yes, sir!" The acolyte nodded his head and hurriedly scampered away like a frightened little deer. In the blink of an eye, he traversed over several hundred metres, and even used a hastening spell on his body.

Seeing the figure of the leaving acolyte, the girl smirked, "What a useless trash! If not for the agreement between our academies, I would have killed him long ago!"

"Compared to him, I have a high interest in this acolyte from Abyssal Bone Forest Academy!"

Saurun licked his lips, and the crimson red tongue seemed to be like that of a snake's, twisting and writhing. "I am already anxious to know how the fresh blood of that acolyte tastes like!"


"A.I. Chip! Maximise the detection area!"

Leylin gives his command as he followed and ran along a white cobblestone path.

In the secret plane, the A.I. Chip's ability was also affected. Although the detection area has become smaller, it was still extremely handy for warning and scouting the way ahead.

A light blue 3D image appeared in front of Leylin's eyes.

In the map, the white cobblestone path seemed to be paved in the shape of a rune, winding its way through a circular garden in the middle of it.

Moreover, the A.I. Chip caught traces of mild radiation on the ground here. This means that the magicians who had used this place before had operated it well, and even the soil had gotten affected.

However, there was obviously nothing of value. It was evident that before this secret plane was activated; all the resources had already been ferreted out.

"It seems like it is rather difficult to get lucky by stumbling over some magician's inheritance!"

Leylin shrugged his shoulders and continued walking.

[Beep! Human creatures ahead, determined as acolytes. Numbers: 3!]

The A.I. Chip's voice intoned. Leylin's eyes flashed, and he secretly tailed them.

This trio was formed by 2 male and 1 female acolyte. The male acolyte in the centre had obviously reached the cultivation of a level 3 acolyte.

At this moment, this small group was heading towards the garden.

"Do we really have to take such a risk?" The male acolyte who was behind began to grumble. "We had better still gather with the other acolytes! As long as we activate that spell formation, then there is nothing to be fearful of...."

"Shut up!" The male acolyte in the middle did not turn his head, "If you go together with the main body, how much contribution points can you get? I have made enquiries about this place before. This was a deserted secret plane of magicians before! Secret plane! If we are able to dig up any remnants, then our lives in future would be without a worry. Also, we might even be able to advance into official Magi!"

After saying the last line, the acolyte in the middle show signs of longing and jealousy.

"If you are unwilling to, then you can very well return! Look at Marie, she hasn't said a word!"

"Alright! Alright!"

The acolyte behind stopped talking, seemingly agreeing with the logic of the acolyte in the middle.

Afterall, he and Marie were level 2 acolytes. Their standing was below that of the level 3 acolyte in the middle.

"That's right, we also need to...." The acolyte in the middle suddenly pointed ahead without finishing his sentence, "Look quickly! What's that?"

On a patch of empty ground in front of them, a grey robed Abyssal Bone Forest Academy acolyte was looking back at them with frightened eyes. In his eyes, there was even a purple flower with spikes. From the centre of the flower, there were several strands of feelers which extended to the ground.

Seeing the group of three come over, this Abyssal Bone Forest Academy acolyte was obviously frightened as he ran away quickly.

"An Abyssal Bone Forest Academy acolyte! A level 1 acolyte at that! He's carrying a... Wolf Whisker Flower?"

The acolyte's mouth in the middle gaped open and it seemed like several eggs could be stuffed in it.

"Kill it! The Wolf Whisker Flower's is a valuable ingredient worth close to 1000 magic crystals!"

The level 3 acolyte roared and gave chase directly.

* Xiu Xiu! * The level 2 acolyte behind him was even quicker. A gust of green whirlwind appeared around his body, increasing his speed by multiple folds as he rushed towards the direction of the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy acolyte.

"Argh! Damn it! Did I not say not to use it until the most critical moment?"

The level 3 acolyte slapped his forehead, and then he hugged Marie with an arm, "Hold tight, I'm increasing my speed!"

"Put down the Wolf Whisker Flower!" The level 2 acolyte spared no effort in chasing and shouting until his throat turned hoarse from the excitement.

"This is only a level 1 acolyte. I will definitely be able to kill him. The Wolf Whisker Flower!"

At this moment, a seed of insatiable greed and longing sprouted in the young acolyte's heart.

"What do you want to do?"

Just when the young acolyte's thoughts went astray, the leader brought Marie and caught up to him.

"No! Nothing!" Seeing the cold gaze in the leader's eyes, the young acolyte seemed to have his face splashed by cold water. All the desires disappeared in a flash.

"Don't let him hide inside the shrubberies!" The level 3 acolyte commanded.


The young acolyte steadied his heart and chased the acolyte in front of them.

100 metres!

50 metres!

30 metres!

20 metres!

10 metres!

The distance between both parties got smaller, until the point where the young acolyte could see his enemy's frightened face.

"Wolf Whisker Flower! The Wolf Whisker Flower is ours now! Even if we divide it by 3, there are at least several hundreds of magic crystals each!

The young acolyte held a fervent gaze, and looking at the escaping acolyte in front of him, in the same way as he would to innumerable magic crystals.

Just as the trio caught up with the escaping acolyte, an explosion occurred.

* Boom!!! *

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