Chapter 899


Using its inborn sharp senses, the werecreature priest immediately felt a sense of danger— one that was enough to threaten its very life! Hence, it happily abandoned the two hunters behind to serve as cannon fodder and activated the transportation device it had to leave.

But how could Leylin give it the chance to do that?

“Dimensional Anchor!” Exquisite control over this spell allowed Leylin to destroy the werecreature priest’s transportation rays in an instant. Afterwards, the now-grim priest saw something it could never believe, causing its huge mouth to gape even more, to the point of dislocation.

Seven-coloured rays of light were launched from Leylin’s hands

Rank 2 spell: Colour Spray! The effects of such a weak spell only forced the hunters to pause for a while, but then they charged over again without hesitation.

But Leylin’s performance was far from over. Colour Spray, Colour Spray, Colour Spray ...

Nine spell rays flashed at Leylin’s hands as if from rainbows,...

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