Chapter 897

Once More

‘Faith is actually a contract between gods and mortals. Mortals place their faith in the gods, and in return they receive divine skills. When they die, their souls will have the right to advance to the kingdom of the god.’ Leylin watched those fellows who were fit to be ordinary believers with bright eyes.

‘If they receive more benefits in return, they won’t hesitate to make offerings and worship even a bogus god. This is why there are still so many worshippers of devils and demons in this world…’

Of course, there was a limit to the worshippers that gods took in. They naturally couldn’t bestow their divinity without restriction, or they would make a loss. They could possibly lose a chunk of their divine force, even their godhood!

Leylin was currently in the early stages of building the foundation of his church. He had to give his first believers more benefits than normal. How else would he attract the faith of others and have them believe in this non-existent feathered serpent god?

As his main body was still in deep slumber, he was completely unable to respond to his followers’ prayers and bestow them with divine skills....

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