Chapter 894


The roars and howling of beasts filled the vicinity, putting everyone on edge.

Lanshire laughed hysterically, “Hah! All of you will die with me! You can never beat those werecreatures! Every one of you will be torn apart and then swallowed; your souls will be caged in the depths of hell!”

After spitting out her malicious curse, Lanshire’s face flushed and fresh blood spurted out from her mouth. Her aura completely disappeared as she died.

“Ignore her! Listen to me, engage defensive formation.” Seeing that Aulen wasn’t in a good condition, Leylin took over command.

It was only now that he found out what exactly had happened directly from Ogg, and began to organise the troops. In reality, everything that happened tonight was within Leylin’s plan. Firstly, he found Aulen and told her that they may have a spy within their ranks to win her support, which allowed him to plant the tr...

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