Chapter 893


The flame of a thick wax candle flickered within the tent, illuminating the area brightly. Leylin, Rafiniya and the other team leaders formed a circle with Aulen in the captain’s seat. The map of the Moonwood was hung on one side of the tent.

“This mission is going to be quite difficult. Do any of you have viable plans?” Aulen furrowed her slender brows, but the responses disappointed her.

“Leylin, what do you think?” She looked over to Leylin expectantly. As an army wizard, he held a remarkably high position. Besides, he had already proven his ability before; he was second only to herself in the team.

“There have been no further intelligence reports. I only know their rough position and the presence of high-ranked werecreatures within their team. In this situation, we can only reinforce our security and wait for the right opportunity to grab them by the throat.”

Although what Leylin said made sense, it wasn’t enough to satisfy her. Aulen...

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