Chapter 892


‘Cassley… I’ll remember this!’ Leylin obviously wasn’t someone who’d take a blow lying down. Everything Cassley had done to him would be returned tenfold, even a hundredfold! Wasn’t everything possible in times of war?


As the cold wind whistled, a small team slowly set out from the gates of Silverymoon, radiating a solemn atmosphere. Although they know that the journey was perilous, they could not escape their orders. Such was the sorrow of enlisting in the army.

“Rafiniya, knights can’t be mounted in the Moonwood. There are too many trees and brambles…” Aulen was still telling Rafiniya about things she should take note of.

“Don’t worry! My skill is passable. I don’t need to work together with a warhorse…” Rafiniya patted her black sharkskin scabbard, looking relaxed.

Mounts were usually half the strength of many high-ranked knights, but things were different with Rafiniya. After her previous experiences, she had...

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