Chapter 891

Deliberately Making Things Difficult

While Rafiniya had a screw loose, she was still a real high-ranked knight. A hot-headed idiot like her was still useful in battle, able to take care of things on the front lines. As long as he brought up the path of knights and justice to sway her, this little lady knight would be charge forward like an enraged bull in spite of the dangers ahead.

“Well then, I’ll leave things to you!” The female knight casually spoke, making the few servants behind her turn pale.

“Miss, the master let you come out and travel, not to join the army. You’re making it hard for us to answer to the master…” the oldest servant summoned up the courage to say.

*Boom!* However, before he could finish his words, the little girl’s slender fist struck his right eye directly and he toppled. The power of a high-ranked knight was not something that a mere servant could take on.

“How shameless… Too shameless…” Rafiniya’s entire body trembled, “Such a person with no heart...

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