Chapter 890


“Tower genie, I wish to exchange contribution points for ‘A Brief Introduction To The Four Great Elements’, as well as Gandalf’s ‘Exploring the Cosmic World’!” When it was time to leave, Leylin spoke to the managing genie of the wizards’ vault.

“Lord Leylin, you now have a total of 580 contribution points. Exchanging for these two magic resources will require 80 contribution points. Continue?” the tower genie asked.

“Yes!” Leylin touched the emblem on his chest. With some secret probes, he could sense that the tower genie was communicating with the information in his emblem and refreshing it. Soon, it deducted the correct number of contribution points.

*Boom! Boom!* Two earthen statues walked over, holding crystal balls with information inside them.

The tower genie’s voice sounded again. “Please note: The information is only meant for the wizard to use alone. It must not be shown to outsiders, or you will be punished by the enforcers of the palace.”

Leylin already knew about this...

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