Chapter 887

Elven Wizard

“With the uniform, you’re now a member of the Silverymoon city guard. The magic equipment is enchanted with three uses of Mage Armour and one Cure Moderate Wounds. Please use them sparingly…”

“Yes, sir!” Leylin played his role very convincingly as he accepted the military uniform.

The uniform was soft in texture yet it felt tough and durable, and glowed with magic. Leylin couldn’t help but sigh at the luxurious and rich Silverymoon City.

Eternal enchantments were naturally very precious, so the wizard uniform was naturally limited in its uses. However, every year the guards would receive a new set, which could be considered a very good perk.

“Tell me, why did you want to join the city guard?” The elderly patrol wizard finally asked in a respectful manner. Leylin felt hidden magic undulations probing him.

‘Is this Lie Detection? It was personally cast by a high-ranked wizard as well… Such a shame that I’m the target.’ Leylin inwardly laughed coldly to...

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