Chapter 886


Leylin and Old Bayer were speechless at the scene before them.

The victims’ remains were collected, unable to be buried here lest they were dug out by goblins. They would be taken to Silverymoon City, given their final rites and blessings by clerics, and then buried.

“Thank you, Lord Leylin! Are you a mid-ranked wizard?” Bessany had recovered, and her eyes had swollen to the size of walnuts.

“Yes, I suppose so. I’m also going to Silverymoon City to study,” Leylin looked at the scenery outside and indifferently replied.

After meeting Bessany and the others, and since they were going to the same place, Leylin naturally did not mind accompanying her. The others happily welcomed him with open arms, as that last attack had scared them into cowardice. Without Leylin’s protection, perhaps no one would dare to continue on the journey.

The young ladies in the carriage were all surprised, it was rare to find a mid-ranked wizard as young as Leylin after all.

“How amazing… I always thought that mid-ranked wizards...

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