Chapter 884

The North

Having made up his mind, Leylin naturally made his stance clear.

“In that case… we won’t bother you longer…” Bessany sounded somewhat disappointed and even upset as she pulled at Ina’s hand to leave. Isadora, on the other hand, seemed unresigned, but similarly did not say a word.

“How nice it is to be young…” Leylin stared at the backs of the three disciples and sighed. If he added up the years from his main body as well, he was old enough to be their grandfather’s grandfather, perhaps even older than that. He naturally was qualified to say such a thing.

Tiff, who was beside him, saw how old and experienced Leylin seemed, and his eyes revealed a trace of shock.

“Oh, we’ve reached the harbour!” Leylin cast Eagle Eye on himself and gazed at the harbour in the distance, unable to stop the smile blooming on his face. The sailor on the observation deck noticed this as well, and cheers immediately spread through the ship.

After getting off the ship, Leylin first parted ways with Tiff, telling...

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