Chapter 882

Perfect Body

Indistinct shouts and cries could be heard, causing Lorent’s expression to change.

“We’ve been surrounded, and their numbers are huge…” A high-ranked assassin suddenly appeared from the shadows, a demonic claw with sharp nails poking out from his chest.

The assassin mumbled and collapsed, revealing the figure of a high-ranked pleasure devil behind him.

“You’re actually colluding with a devil!” Lorent yelled, unhesitatingly striking out. He had been overwhelmed with shock. This noble seemed to have some terrifying secret that surpassed his imagination.

“Quick! The confusion spell that I set up won’t last for long. We can’t let even one person go!” Leylin’s expression was icy.

After two years, Tiff and Delia were now completely under his thumb. He had gathered the strength of all the devil worshippers to kill Lorente in order to ensure it was done!

“Don’t worry, master!” Delia had now completely demonified herself. With Tiff, who had almost legendary strength,...

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