Chapter 880

Dark History

“This secret was hidden so carefully. I’m growing more and more interested.” Following the map, Leylin arrived in front of the capital’s library.

The library was in the central district, a place mostly visited by nobles. In an era where the passage of information was strictly regulated, the so called public library actually only catered to a few high-ranked people like scholars and wizards. Leylin was a frequent visitor, to the point that even the doorman recognised him.

“Mister Leylin!” He called out sweetly, not surprised at all at Leylin’s arrival. Leylin had frequented this place in the last two years, using it to augment his database on the World of Gods. With the various databases in the A.I. Chip having gradually been filled to completion and its foundations completed, his visits had also grown more infrequent.

The library was as tranquil as ever. The white marble building stood tall, seemingly eternal, and the only sounds within it were the rustling of turning p...

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