Chapter 88

The Bloodbath Begins

Looking at Bicky lying in his arms, Leylin's expression was complicated.

Regarding the fact that she threw herself at him the previous night, Leylin guessed that there were a few reasons behind it. First it was that Bicky had a favourable impression of him. As she did not have the heart to watch him be defeated, she came here to console him. The second was that this world's practices were generally more open, and Bicky wasn't a virgin before she did it with him - she had obviously had intercourse before. Finally, due to the bloodbath that was drawing closer, she was restless mentally, so her subconscious mind made the decision to do some stimulating activities and thus vent her frustration.

However, no matter what the reasons were, Bicky was a beauty, and Leylin was not on the losing end.

"Ah?!" Suddenly, the female body on Leylin shook, and sat upright.

"What time is it? It's actually 7 o'clock. Not good, I have to go to Mentor's experiment lab...."

Bicky hurriedly left the bed, and revealed that exquisite body once again to Leylin. She quickly did the buttons on her robes, before giving Leylin a light peck on his cheeks and then scurrying out of the room.

"Really...." Leylin looked at Bicky's departing figure and smiled wryly.

Very soon, the romance of last night was thrown to the back of Leylin's mind.

The secret plane bloodbath drew closer - it was one which none of the acolytes in Abyssal Bone Forest Academy could avoid.

Especially those fifth-grade acolytes with genius aptitude, they were the target of the opposing academies.

On the contrary, Leylin only had some talent in Potioneering; furthermore he had his senior Merlin to garner all unwanted attention, so he would not be in the limelight.

This was one of the reasons why Leylin never revealed his true abilities.

What followed next was Leylin holing up in his experiment lab, familiarising himself with the Fallen Star Pendant, and using the A.I. Chip to analyse the spell models. Also, he simulated those rank 0 spells with high degrees of attack to be used in conjunction with his attack potions, in preparation for the secret plane bloodbath.


The clouds were a patch of grey, and from time to time it drizzled, which made people feel like shadow was looming over them on the horizon.

acolytes wearing grey robes were crammed into a field full of wild grasses. Each of them had a solemn expression, and their eyes brought possible vicious or vacant looks.

A few black and white robed official Magi stood before them.

Leylin stood somewhere at the corner of the acolytes and maintained a low profile, and now and then stole glances at the professors in front of him.

At the forefront of the professors was a large bloke - wearing black robes - who stood still, and subconsciously, strands of energy waves radiated out from his body which made Leylin's spiritual force circulation feel rather sluggish.

"That person is definitely the chairman of our Abyssal Bone Forest Academy, a rank 2 Magus of the legends!"

Leylin bowed his head lower, not daring to raise his head again.

As for the desire to use the A.I. Chip to scan, Leylin buried it deep within his heart. The might of a rank 2 Magus was extremely mysterious, and Leylin had no confidence in concealing this A.I. Chip from him.

Moreover, right now the A.I. Chip could not even break past the barriers of a rank 1 Magus, so he needn't embarrass himself further.

"But... are we activating the secret plane right here?"

Leylin looked at the surroundings. Under the dimly-lit sky, the field was dead silent, the rodents and lizards as if discovering a great battle was coming, had long since left the place.

Amongst the acolytes, Leylin even saw Bicky, Merlin, Nyssa, Jayden and the like.

Jayden stood at the forefront of the acolytes, and his face was extremely gloomy. There were thick, dark circles around his eyes, and it seemed that his condition was not too great.

Nyssa stood at the end of the crowd, and her whole figure was draped in grey robes, which was extremely low profile.

As for Bicky and Merlin, they were muttering to each other.

After seeing Leylin, Bicky even gave him a smile.

"Bicky has a few attack potions that I gave her, and she isn't an important target, so most likely she'll be alright!"

Leylin comforted himself.

"They're here! They're here!"

Suddenly, a ruckus was caused amongst the acolytes, which broke Leylin's train of thoughts.

Leylin inhaled a mouthful of air and raised his head to look at the distance.

On the far horizon, a black spot suddenly appeared. With the black spot gradually approaching, its size, too, grew larger and larger.

When the black spot arrived in front of Abyssal Bone Forest Academy's representatives, Leylin managed to see the full appearance of this creature.

It was a giant beetle, with eight long and sturdy legs. Each of them was over a dozen metres long. On top of the tiny head of the beetle, was a pair of compound eyes which was looking down on the masses of the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy.

[The target has a layer of defensive barrier, and is primarily categorized as a rank 1 Magus. Host is recommended to stay far away from the target]

At this moment, the A.I. Chip's voice intoned, which made Leylin realise how formidable this beetle was.


From the giant beetle, a few drops of yellowish green saliva drooled from its mouth, which fell onto the ground corroding a large pit.

The surrounding acolytes backed away in unison. Their faces were pale, seemingly shocked by it.

"What are you afraid of? It's just an Abyss Steeled-Back Beetle!"


Under the restrictions set by the professors in front, the acolytes then gradually recovered from their fright.

"Siley, your acolytes were actually frightened by my baby. It seems like their predicament isn't very good right now! Hahaha...."

A crisp male voice sounded, following which a white-robed, middle-aged Magus jumped off the back of the beetle. Although he had a middle-aged look, his brows were snow white.

"Hng!" Seemingly unhappy with the other party's taunt, the bald chairman Siley coldly harrumphed.

However, from the A.I. Chip's detection, Leylin saw that a formless energy wave was radiated from Siley's body towards the beetle.

"Wu!" "Arghh!" A few frightened voices came from the back of the beetle, and it seemed to be made by youngsters.

"Siley! You actually...." The white-browed Magus was in rage, and his brows suddenly turned red, as if blood was going to drip down from it.

"How is it?" Chairman Siley stepped forward as if being overbearing.

"That white-browed, middle-aged man should be the chairman of Sage Gotham's Hut. Although he is also a rank 2 Magus, Chairman Siley is a Dark Magus, excelled in the art of combat, so his strength is definitely stronger than White Brows. . . "

Leylin's eyes flashed.

Just when the acolytes thought that these two Chairmen were about to battle, a whizzing sound travelled from the sky.

An enormous horse carriage that stretched over a few dozen metres, with a pair of snow white wings on each side, gradually descended under the control of a few condors.

* Bang! *

The horse carriage landed steadily on the ground. The door opened, and a white-robed, golden-haired lady walked out from it.

"Guru, stop! Don't forget we have signed an agreement!"

Listening to the golden-haired lady, Siley and Guru scoffed and returned back to their respective groups.

Behind the golden-haired lady, a group of acolytes came out from the horse carriage. Their bodies evidently radiated strong energy waves.

"Hehe! Siley, I hope your acolytes will be able to survive. Don't let your academy turn into a real graveyard..."

White-Brows Guru sneered. Behind him, the beetle gradually folded its legs, which formed a flight of steps, where many acolytes stepped down from it.

The acolytes from both academies looked at Abyssal Bone Forest Academy's camp menacingly, as if the acolytes here were all preys.

"Most of them are level 3 acolyte, and there is a rare number of level 2 acolyte. As for level 1 acolyte, there isn't any!"

Leylin's heart tightened. Due to the weakening state of Abyssal Bone Forest Academy, the rules in the bloodbath were obviously not favourable to them.

Not only were they two against one, but the other side could let their level 1 acolyte be excluded from the bloodbath. Unlike Abyssal Bone Forest Academy were all their acolytes had to enter.

These level 1 acolyte could only play the role of cannon fodder when they entered, and were absolutely of no further use.

"After this mandatory enlistment, Abyssal Bone Forest Academy will definitely be worse off!"

Leylin looked at the acolytes in his academy that were of 11-12 years of age, and sighed within his heart.

However, Leylin could not offer any assistance to them at all. At the very most, under the circumstances that his life wasn't threatened, he would do his best to help them.

Right now, he had something more important to tend to.

"A.I. Chip, assist in the recording!"

Right now Leylin was a level 3 acolyte and the A.I. Chip's ability increased too. Most of the level 3 acolyte could not escape the A.I. Chip's detection now.

Leylin picked out the acolytes who carried magic artifacts. No matter if it was his own side or the other, he recorded them down.

These people were the ones that he had to be mindful of during the bloodbath.

Listening to the provocative tone of the other party, Chairman Siley's face darkened. He waved his hands, "Enough of this nonsense, let us begin!"

"Since you have such sincerity, how could we bear to refuse your request?"

White-Brows Guru and the golden-haired lady smirked and nodded their heads, "Let us begin!"

Listening to their chairmen, the official Magi from the respective academies stepped forward and begin to retrieve many strange things from their sacks, robes or even within their bodies. After which, they began to set up a formation.

When they were finished with it, a strange magic formation was arranged on the ground.

"They are runes that make the foundation sturdy, linking up of energy and creating flames. I recognise some of these!" Leylin's eyes flashed, and recorded down all of these formations with the A.I. Chip.

As for the three chairmen, after their staff had finished preparing the formation, they each stepped forward and withdrew 3 crimson coloured scrolls.

"With my name, Siley, I summon the Will of Battle which is roving around the wilderness, and activate the glorious and deathly flight of stairs...."

The 3 chairmen chanted and simultaneously tore the scrolls in their hands apart.

* Bang! * Crimson lightning continuously thundered down, on the area above where the 3 crimson scrolls were torn, a huge opening suddenly appeared from the void.

* Whoosh! * Countless thunder and lightning appeared from within, and noises of explosion and whistling came from the opening.

Dozens of seconds later, the void calmed down.

"This is a secret plane which is now an abandoned resources point. Any organisms and resources of value in it were scoured clean by us. Right now, it will become your battlefield...."

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