Chapter 879


The lack of changes to his stats and wizard ranking was within Leylin’s expectations. After all, he had used the Devilblood Dagger to advance in rank before, and couldn’t be as arrogant now that he was in the capital. The bottleneck was understandable.

What he HAD gained with the materials here was that he’d managed to complete the analysis of the 2nd level of the Weave, removing the restriction on spell slots for it.

‘Though I haven’t been working hard on increasing my wizard ranking to avoid arousing suspicion, I have already accumulated enough resources. There won’t be any problems with becoming a high-ranked wizard. Once I leave the capital, I’ll be able to advance quickly…’

Leylin was very happy about his progress in power, but there was something that made him frown. Since two years ago, he’d already sensed a malicious intent circling the surroundings of the capital, and felt a sense of someone watching him. He had a feeling that if he were to leave all of a sudden, he would immediately be met with a terrifying attack.

'Is it that...

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