Chapter 878


Leylin was rather satisfied with the current situation in the outer seas on the whole. Were external powers to take root there, extra variables would arise. Marquis Tim was someone he understood very well, so it was fine for him to be there.

Being fully aware of the Faulens’ abilities, Tim definitely wouldn’t stupidly declare war on his own initiative. In fact, Leylin believed that the powers he revealed during this operation were sufficient to intimidate him.

Given that Tim had already completely surrendered himself to him, Leylin didn’t mind letting Tim have a taste of success. After all, Tim was the most influential nobleman in the outer seas, and at the same time, he was a vassal of the royal family. It would be a good thing if Leylin could bind Tim to his chariot of war through a mutually beneficial alliance.

No matter how deep one’s hatred was, it would melt like ice and dissolve in the face of sudden huge profits. Moreover, there were only a few ‘misunderstandings’ between them. Still, although...

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