Chapter 877


“Hold up, Lorent!” The high-level priest in the team walked forward at this moment.

“What’s the matter?” Lorent furrowed his brows. The priest’s expression gave him a bad feeling.

“I got the latest news through a Sending spell. The king has already issued a statement: the Barbarians have been found guilty of setting loose the Pirates’ Tide on the open seas. With Viscount Tim as a direct witness, there’s no hope of saving this situation…” The priest was visibly upset, but still informed the others of the latest news.

“We can’t continue to investigate him as a subject. This mission must be abandoned.”

“Then our hard work? Those thousands of innocent lives lost at sea? Will it go to waste just like that?” Lorent seemed to burst into an indignant red-hot flame, and suddenly drew his sword and shattered an enormous boulder next to him into pieces.

“There is nothing we can do. We can’t go against the king’s authority directly…” The priest had a helpless expression on his face.

Although there would be...

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