Chapter 875


“Good! I won’t deprive you of your position, but you must use all the resources you have to assist me.” Leylin glanced at the pleasure devil in front of him and nodded indifferently. With Beelzebub’s divine force and knowledge of her truename, this devil would even agree if Leylin said he was a reincarnation of the Sovereign King of Gluttony.

With her life under a threat, it was not difficult to make requests of her.

“How vast are your connections? Can you influence the king?” Leylin asked bluntly.

“Master, I secretly have control over around a thousand followers. Two are earls, and five are viscounts… I can also indirectly affect two marquises and a duke…” Delia immediately reported to him. Beelzebub was completely ignored by the two of them, such is the sad fate of the loser.

“Only Marquise Louise can influence the king. She is the king’s lover, and his newest conquest.” The pleasure devil bit at her lips, looking very seductive. In order to survive and...

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