Chapter 874


After much consideration, Tim still gave the command. “Let him in!” He met Leylin with a solemn and tragic expression on his face, and was startled by the youthful face before him.

“This is the first time we have met, Viscount Tim. However, we have already made many deals in the past. I’m Leylin, Leylin Faulen. Pleased to meet you.”

“Get out, all of you!” Tim rudely chased his subordinates out, and fiercely shut the door and windows. Leylin was even considerate enough to add a magical protective screen.

“I’ve already done as you requested. Why have you still come here?” Tim asked in a rage, but Leylin could still see the fear and weakness under his tough and unyielding expression.

“Don’t take offense, alright? After all, we had a really pleasant time working together before, didn’t we Viscount Tim?” Leylin said with a light smile.

“You damn bandit, you absolute savage…” The veins on Tim’s face bulged grotesquely, “Aren’t you afraid I’ll inform on you to the king and the church?”


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