Chapter 873

Imperial Capital

‘Interesting! Her change in status actually brought about such a huge change in her mentality so quickly?’ Leylin found it meaningful that the sisters had begun to change so quickly, despite being of the same status as them a little while ago. The mere change in their status made these two sisters act in such an unfamiliar way.

As they required Leylin’s protection on their journey, they had chatted with him in an amiable manner. But now that they had reached the imperial capital and had someone to rely on they drew the line, dividing their position and social class in the blink of an eye.

Leylin used Beelzebub’s memories to analyse most of her thoughts in a flash.

‘Excellent. Such an interesting soul will be the best candidate to corrupt and degrade into a devil… A vain heart…’ Just as Leylin was considering whether he needed to corrupt her, the rightful master, Viscount Daniel, finally spoke. “Hmm, if that's the case, then forget it. Give them a sum of money and make them leave quickly. What would others think if they saw them?”

“Yes, young master!”...

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