Chapter 871


After listening to Leylin’s declaration, Tiff glanced at him with a serious look. It resembled the sharp gaze of a hawk, as if he was trying to pierce through the defense of the divine power to see Leylin’s true form.

“I follow my God’s will!” Tiff disappeared into mid-air after finished his sentence, and everything that had just occurred seemed like an illusion.

‘He has magic abilities similar to a Chosen of my original form, and he’s a high-ranking ranger or thief…’ Something flashed across Leylin’s eyes as he headed back to Gloomwood Castle.

He wasn’t worried in the least about having his identity leaked. After all, his divine powers were enough to keep everyone in the dark. Even if Tiff eventually found out that he was Leylin Faulen, he would be under the impression that Leylin had received favour from his original form and had divine powers bestowed upon him.

‘Well, now that I have Tiff I can launch many of my plans…’ Though it was already confirmed that Leylin would...

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