Chapter 869


Leylin looked at himself in the mirror, and was satisfied with his new appearance. He originally looked like a westerner in the World of Gods, with bright golden blonde hair and clear blue eyes. However, his locks were now dyed black, and his eyes were a rich dark with blood-red sclera. His new appearance Exuded a never-ending aura of evil.

“With this extent, I don’t think anyone will associate me with the young master of the Faulen Family.” Leylin wore a sinister looking silver mask over his face and disappeared into the darkness.

Obviously, a change in appearance wouldn’t be enough. Thus, when Leylin reappeared his whole body seemed to have undergone an even greater and more terrifying transformation. He looked as if he were someone wrapped in mysteries, sinister energy encircling his body with a charming trace of the power of laws.

Once all the brilliant energy had fused into his body, Leylin completely resembled a devil who had ascended...

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