Chapter 868

One After Another

When their souls had first battled for control of the body, Leylin had managed to help Tiff out, bestowing formidable powers on him. It was intended to be an experiment; not only would a surviving Tiff be of huge aid to him, but it would also give him some rare results.

How could he not have left himself a counter against the powers he had originally bestowed? Furthermore, who could compare to the ancient Magi with regards to the control over the soul force.

‘My soul force wasn’t originally accustomed to the laws of the World of Gods, and couldn’t help but diminish continually. But Tiff was a native. Hence, there was still a possibility that he could be sustained by absorbing the powers that I left him. In view of that, his stats would…’ Something flashed in Leylin’s eyes.

It made sense for soul force from other worlds to be unable to survive in the World of Gods. But the strength that Leylin left for Tiff...

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