Chapter 867

Gloomwood Castle

“Thank you, Ley!” Rafiniya’s voice sounded after a while.

The female knight was no fool. She knew that without Leylin, they really would have died at the hands of the ogres, disappearing into their mouths. She obviously didn’t want to die like that, and just the thought of it already left her in fear.

All those adventure books were scams! There were no romantic heroes and beautiful princesses. Rather, there were thieves and bandits, as well as ogres who ate people alive!

“So… Now that your fantasies have been destroyed, will you still continue adventuring?” Leylin asked in curiosity.

“Of course. This is my path as a knight!” The female knight’s voice was filled with resolution. “As long as I can endure, evil will be destroyed by my hands one day. With my work, the world will regain its beauty!”

“...” Leylin rolled his eyes speechlessly. This directionally-challenged moron seemed to show no signs of waking up to reality.

“What kind of expression is that?”

“No, I...

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