Chapter 865

Another Meeting

At the centre of the battlefield were the high-ranked warrior Siegfried and the two-headed ogre commander.

Siegfried’s body was now soaked in blood, and his warhorse had long since disappeared. There was a massive wound on his thigh now, and he could only use the silver-white longsword as a crutch to stay upright.

Opposite him, the two-headed ogre only seemed a little ruffled, but had no large injuries. Just from its heaving chest, it was obvious that much of its energy had been exhausted, and it might even have suffered internal injuries.

The few shamans nearby surrounded the two along with the regular warriors. Evidently, the victor had already been decided. Unless he got some assistance or pulled out a powerful magic scroll, the future of this high-ranked warrior would be bleak.

“Huff, huff… So I’m finally going to die?” Everything in front of Siegfried was a blur. Watching the two-headed ogre closing in, his limbs were like lead, with no strength...

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