Chapter 860


Once they sent the man away, the mercenaries all had imposing expressions on their faces. Only Rafiniya was cheerful as she took out her sword with an eager look on her face, “We finally get to fight?”

This expression of hers immediately attracted displeasure from her comrades. “In that case, you can be the first to go on patrol tonight!” Leylin unceremoniously dealt her a blow, damping her energy. Old Pam didn’t dare to say anything, but he secretly gave Leylin a big thumbs up.

Seeing Rafiniya huffing angrily and ducking back into the carriage, Leylin and the others smiled in a carefree manner. Only, Leylin’s smile was rather dark as he turned back to look at where Rafiniya had gone to.

‘This… It feels like something might have happened…’


At the moment, another special group entered Emon City. Their leader was a paladin in bright silver armour, the piercing light of which caused the city guards at the gate to inch away from them. Their faces were filled with reverence...

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