Chapter 86

Fallen Star Pendant

"I have already abided by my agreement and released you from the Confining Spirit Sphere. What happens next is not a part of the contract!"

Leylin's voice was extremely unconcerned.

This was just simple wordplay. Magicians were all intelligent people, and could not be lied to easily.

However, Roman was different. He had already died a long time ago, and his spirit body had transformed into a vengeful spirit. Naturally, his intelligence could not even be comparable to that of an average human.

Moreover, after spending so much time inside the lab, Leylin had been diligently exercising various methods to reduce Roman's intelligence, making him more muddled, in order to interrogate him.

As expected, even if Roman had unexpectedly regained his intelligence today under the brink of his death, he was still manipulated by Leylin and gave away the important information to the advanced meditation technique.

"Even for me, as of now, a level 3 acolyte spirit body is extremely hard to acquire, so how could I let you leave?"

Leylin did not bother paying attention to Roman's curses, and placed the silver cross in the centre of the runes, as he began to complete the final step for the Fallen Star Pendant.

The Fallen Star Pendant came from a derelict page in the Lowian Academy Teachings. After having been decrypted by the A.I. Chip, together with the Alchemy diary found on Roman's corpse, Leylin was able to deduce the correct procedure for synthesizing it.

After advancing to a level 3 acolyte, Leylin had dedicated most of his time and effort on synthesizing this low-grade magic artifact.

After costing Leylin a large amount of magic crystals and ingredients, the Fallen Star Pendant was almost completed, where the final step remained - spirit awakening!"

According to Leylin's deductions and the A.I. Chip's calculations, the final step, the spirit awakening, had already involved the aspect of spirit and was something that he could not resolve then.

However, Leylin sought a huge number of living bodies from Viscount Jackson of Extreme Night City as a main material in observing the soul.

After many years of research, Leylin could already confirm that within Abyssal Bone Forest Academy, he would be the foremost regarding the topic of soul research, and might even surpass many Magi.

After so many experiments, the spirit awakening step did not pose a problem for Leylin.

However, he had no leads on the other ancient formula that he obtained from Kroft, Tears of Mary, up till now.

Leylin's guess was that this formula was meant for an official Magus, something which an acolyte could not get involved with yet.

"For the Spirit awakening, a stronger spirit body is not necessarily better. According to the A.I. Chip's simulation and my own deductions, a level 3 acolyte would be the most suitable for it...."

Leylin looked at the vengeful spirit, Roman, who was writhing and cursing him on the light formation.

"For a long time, I have deliberately calibrated Roman's spirit strength to be compatible with the final step. As long as I am able to complete the spirit awakening, the magic artifact that I get will definitely be perfect!"

This was the trump card that Leylin had prepared for the upcoming bloodbath.

A low-grade magic artifact did not exceed the boundaries of an official Magus. However, for acolytes, it was almost impossible for them to destroy the defense on this magic artifact.

As long as Leylin had that pendant, his safety in the bloodbath would be greatly increased.

"Let me go! You promised me!"

Roman who was trapped within the spell formation continuously howled.

At the end, the vengeful spirit Roman cursed in a low tone, "Despicable miscreant, I curse you...."

"Enough of your nonsense!" Leylin's brow furrowed and he poured a silver liquid directly onto the Fallen Star Pendant.

* Sssii! *

A cloud of white smoke rose from the silver necklace, and the white mist in the air transformed into a large jaw lined with razor sharp teeth, which bit at Roman directly.

* Ka-cha! *

Roman was immediately eaten by the large malevolent mouth, which it opened and closed as if enjoying the aftertaste.

Leylin stared at the large mouth, and after seeing that Roman was completely devoured, he began to chant an incantation.

The chanting voice reverberated around the area, and Leylin's spell formation that he drew on the experiment lab began to shrink to the centre, and finally, it all transferred onto the Fallen Star Pendant.

With the convergence of the runes, the patterns on the silver cross seemed more detailed and glowed with mysterious colours of light.


Leylin fixed his gaze on the cross. When the runes were all accepted by the silver Fallen Star Pendant, he pointed at the huge mouth in midair.

* Pu! * A sound similar to a bubble popping sounded.

The white mouth was directly dispersed, and threads of white gaseous bodies were emitted. In the centre of them were many strands of black colour, which continuously fell onto the silver cross.

"With my name, Leylin Farlier, Fallen Star Pendant, shimmer!"

Leylin's expression was solemn, and he bit his fingers, dripping a droplet of blood onto the Fallen Star Pendant.

The red jewel in the silver cross sparkled and directly sucked Leylin's blood into it.

* Bang! * A strong suction force appeared from the Fallen Star Pendant, circling around the surface of the silver cross and forming a whirlwind. It directly sucked in all of the black and white gaseous compounds.

The thick mist enveloped the silver cross within, and it floated in midair, becoming a luminescent ball of black and white.

"Very good! The awakening phase is activated, and everything has been going smoothly without a hitch so far!"

Leylin looked at the glowing ball in midair, his eyes holding a fervent gaze. "What's next, is...."

On the second morning, Leylin stared at a silver cross held in his palm, his face revealing an elated expression.

At this moment, the Fallen Star Pendant was a silver grey colour, and the jewels also seemed dull and without lustre. Based on outer appearances alone, it could not even be compared to the previous half completed item. However the A.I. Chip's indication made Leylin feel ecstatic.

[Beep! Low-grade magic artifact - Fallen Star Pendant has been successfully synthesized!]

[Fallen Star Pendant - Low-grade magic artifact. Main components used for defence: Stellar Alloy, Manfayla Rock, Mankestre Bone Marrow....]

[Physical Defence: 13 degrees, Magical Defence: 15 degrees. Instant activation when Host is attacked!]

The various stats shown on the A.I. Chip made Leylin extremely ecstatic. A defence magic artifact could not even be bought in the market.

Normally speaking, the attack of a level 3 acolyte was around 10 degrees or so. Only official Magi and above would be able to cast a magic spell of over 20 degrees.

With the Fallen Star Pendant in hand, while it still had energy, Leylin could completely ignore the attacks of level 1 and level 2 acolytes. Together with the Trevor's Revolving Shield Potion, Leylin would be able to endure a barrage of attacks even if it came from a level 3 acolyte.

One could say that with the successful synthesis of the Fallen Star Pendant, Leylin's survival was assured.

"This magic artifact is like a simplified version of an official Magus' defensive force field!" Suddenly Leylin exclaimed.

Reverence and respect for magicians uncontrollably welled up in Leylin's heart even more.

The continued tradition of the Magus World was only in recent times, for about 1000 years. Before this, there were even the glorified and magnificent ancient times of the past. Back in the ancient past, the primordial and immemorial past, there was a countless accumulation of time, yet how many from these periods were geniuses? How many had invented mysterious spells?

Only by standing on a giant's shoulder, one could see the road ahead clearly, strive hard and advance!

Even with the A.I. Chip, Leylin only had a better foundation than other magicians. On the path of a Magus, he still required to rely on the experiences of his predecessors and improve both himself and his abilities.

After sighing, Leylin hung the silver grey cross on his neck.

The ice cold pendant came into direct contact with the skin, and Leylin pulled up his collar. This way, no one could tell that Leylin was wearing a pendant just by looking at the surface.

"With the Fallen Star Pendant, my defense is guaranteed. What's next is to make use of the A.I. Chip to come up with a combination of a few strong rank 0 spells to be used in the bloodbath.

Although Leylin believed Roman's words, with the current rewards, he wouldn't let it go.

His previous plan was to obtain the Grine Water through the bloodbath, and right now he did not plan to give up.

After all, he still couldn't defeat any rank 1 Magi. Under the compulsion of the academy and professors, he still needed to join the bloodbath in the secret plane.

* Dong Dong Dong! *

Just when Leylin was deep in thought, a patterned knocking on the door sounded.

"Please enter!" Leylin hurriedly removed the traces of his work in the lab and arranged his clothes before he spoke.

* Creak! *

The wooden door was pushed open, and at that moment, when Bicky who wore a green dress, walked in, a scented fragrance wafted in and infiltrated Leylin's nose.

"Leylin! Mentor has asked me to get you to register for the upcoming school competition...."

Bicky toyed with a white flower in her hands.

Before the bloodbath, the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy had already spared no hesitation in nurturing its acolytes. The prices of various ingredients and spell models had plunged, and they had also hosted many competitions before the bloodbath.

Only with participation, there would be generous rewards, such as magic crystals, spell models, ingredients and the like.

As for the top few ranks, they were even given scrolls of spells and attack type potions as rewards.

However, Leylin did not lack magic crystals, and he could also brew attack type potions for himself. As for the reward for the champion, it was not a magic artifact, so he was not attracted in the slightest.

However, he still had to, at least, show some superficial effort. Leylin nodded his head and walked out of the dorm with Bicky.

After not seeing her for 3 years, the girl from before had turned into a beautiful young lady. Bicky was silent as she led the way. Leylin opened his mouth but did not know what to say.

The two walked through the garden zone, and Bicky smiled and said, "Leylin! You know what? Fayle has already agreed to let me be his girlfriend!"

Saying which, Leylin acutely discovered a peculiar expression from within Bicky's eyes.

"Oh really? Congratulations!"

Leylin had known of Bicky crush on Fayle it since the very first day he entered. After seeing his good friend fulfilling what she wished for, he was somewhat happy for Bicky.

At the same time, he was somewhat worried. He had some understanding towards Fayle's character and knew that Fayle liked to be in the limelight. On top of that, Fayle was rather vain. However, after seeing Bicky's smiling expression, Leylin still chose to maintain his silence.

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