Chapter 859

Ashen Hawks

“It’s Lord Siegfried of the Ashen Hawks!”

“With him around, Old Pam’s at ease now!” The dwarf Pam exclaimed excitedly.

‘Powerful’ was Leylin’s first impression of the man. Siegfried was at or above rank 15, and there were even energy traces from magic items on his person. That wasn’t all; the members behind him were the cream of the crop as well, and Leylin even spotted a wizard among them.

While she was clad in black wizard robes, that unique spiritual temperament could not deceive Leylin. However, she did not seem to have a high rank and had only made contact with the third level of the Weave.

Seeing the mercenary group of the Ashen Hawks meet with the medium-scaled merchant groups, as well as the subsequent signal they set off, Leylin asked by Pam’s side, Is that Siegfried very powerful?”

“But of course. Lord Siegfried is the only mithril...

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