Chapter 858


The gates opened, and a huge large group of merchants left Emon City. All sorts of flags flew, with over five middle-scale groups and tens of other small ones in the caravan. There were also too many independent merchants to count.

The group was like a museum for the races of the World of Gods. Humans, dwarves, gnomes, halflings, half-elves, and many other half-bloods mingled, leaving Leylin’s mind blown.

There were a lot of Professionals amongst the mercenaries, but there wasn’t a single leading commander so everything looked chaotic with all sorts of people mixed in. Leylin saw a few dwarves riding wild boars running past him while hiccuping. He was rendered speechless.

‘There are even more races than the types of pirates I’m in charge of… The Professionals are all a mess…’ These mercenaries allowed Leylin to have a better understand of the Professions in the World of Gods.

From the most common warriors, thieves,...

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