Chapter 856


“Fafnir actually used a battle technique!” The audience all exclaimed.

“How boring!” Leylin slipped past the opponent’s slashing while his wooden sword pierced forward.

“Battle technique: Charge!” An immense force struck Fafnir, causing his huge body to fly like a sandbag. However, Leylin’s attack hadn’t ended yet. He seemed to turn into a gust of wind, sticking close to the hulking man who was in mid-air.

*Crack!* *Crash!* Terrifying sounds of bones shattering were heard. When Fafnir fell, his arms and legs were all twisted at strange angles, and he even fainted.

“How is it? Did I pass?” Leylin looked at the judge, who seemed dazed.

“Oh. I announce that Ley has passed this test!” He finally said, as if he’d woken from a dream. The surrounding crowd began to make a ruckus.

Leylin cared little about this, and he went to the counter. This time the crowd opened up a path automatically, respecting the strong.

The old man chuckled as he asked, “Hehe… I don’t often make mistakes!...

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