Chapter 854

Change in Events

“My lord, Ilmater’s bishop has fallen!” The high-ranked assassin respectfully reported to the people next to him.

“You did well!” Beside him was evidently the bishop of the God of Murder at Pirates’ Cove. At some point in time, he had come to the Baltic archipelago and hidden himself in the shadows, killing the regional bishop of the God of Suffering.

“Master, please accept this offering from your humble servant!” Seeing a broken ray of light amidst the sea of fire, the bishop of the God of Murder flushed as he knelt and began to pray. This light belonged to the church of suffering.

A pair of powerful eyes focused on this area, strong enough for even the high-ranked assassin to sense. This was the strength of the god that he believed in, of Cyric the God of Murder!

His eyes filled with elation, and the radiance of divine force flickered into existence.

‘Grace of the Gods! It’s the grace that will raise his ranking permanently!’ The high-ranked assassin...

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