Chapter 852

Storm and Capture

Following the complete fall of Marquis Louis’ men at sea, remarkable changes immediately occurred to the situation offshore.

Leylin and the Barbarians originally had no choice but to ally in their fight against Marquis Louis’ oppression. However, with the Black Skeletons and Tigershark Pirates destroyed, that pressure had completely vanished with the sinking of the military fleet he’d painstakingly built. Now, a rivalry formed between the two crews.

As there was still a gigantic cash cow right in front of their eyes, the conflict between both sides certainly hadn’t escalated to a great extent. Still, it was already impossible to prevent future fights.

Leylin had long prepared for this.

“Set sail! Let’s go to the Baltic Harbour, straight into the base camp of that old fox!” Leylin’s order was accompanied by cheers from his pirates. They started up the Scarlet Tiger, which was like a gigantic creature of the sea as they headed towards the Baltic Archipelago.


*Thump! Shatter!* The sharp...

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