Chapter 851


The flag representing the black skeletons was slowly lowered from the battleship’s mast, replaced with the bright red flag of the Scarlet Tigers.

“The old Scarlet Tiger is already at the bottom of the sea, but the crew shall now give it a new life. The Black Skeleton shall henceforth be called the Scarlet Tiger!” Leylin announced this decision as he stood on the deck, which immediately attracted cheers from his men.

Compared to the previous Scarlet Tiger which had been built on top of the Black Tiger, this ship was deserving of being Crowe’s flagship. Not only was it fully covered in a layer of magical armour, giving it a shocking defence, just the size of the vessel and the water it displaced far exceeded his former ship’s.

However, Leylin had benefitted at his opponent’s expense. All of this was now his. “Robin Hood, allocate some of the men to start up the battleships behind as well!”

“Aye, boss!” Robin Hood rubbed his hands together excitedly. The fleet of ships under the Black Skeletons was extremely luxurious. There were more than...

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