Chapter 850


Purplish black light glinted off a blade that brought demonic strength with it as it descended from the sky in an instant.

The source was a nimble body that emitted the terrifying aura of a high-ranked Professional, the long sword in its hands beamed with the bright radiance of qi.

The sharp longsword broke through the two-legged wyvern’s scales, carving down in a perfect curve.


First there was a sea of blood, then the creature’s gigantic head came crashing down from the horizon, like a meteor.

“There’s an enemy!” A teleportation scroll appeared in Boruj’s hand, ready to be used.

[Dimensional Anchor]!

At this moment, a flying black figure dove down like a falcon. The rays of light in its hands interrupted Boruj’s teleportation spell with perfect timing.

“A rank 4 spell! He’s already a rank 9 wizard!”

The shadow belonged to the high-ranked fighter from before, and a youthful, handsome face was revealed. It was...

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