Chapter 849

Two-Legged Wyverns

“Is that the item you made a deal with the devil for?” Once everything was over, Isabel walked in slowly, eyes focused on the bloody knife in Leylin’s hand.

She’d known something was off about her cousin from the start, and that he was evidently hiding something. In addition, Leylin hadn’t tried to hide anything from her just now. Hence, Isabel knew that Leylin’s quick rise in strength definitely had to do with a devil. However, even if she found out, she had no plans to divulge it.

Part of it was because of their relationship from childhood. On the other hand, they were all in the same boat. Although demons and devils shared a completely antagonistic relationship and were two opposing forces, there weren’t many differences in terms of their followers.

Isabel was rather worried, because making deals with devils usually meant giving up one’s soul. On top of that, devils liked to use all sorts of plots...

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