Chapter 847

Attack And Defence

Chaotic sounds rang out, and the bulk of the ships sank down into the sea one by one. William, however, had a blank expression on his face while he watched the Scarlet Tiger sinking. The largest ship of them all was being swallowed by the merciless waves.

“Is this… victory?” This presented him with an even greater enigma, which was whether to proceed with ground warfare or not.

“What should we do now?” William turned to look at Boruj rather awkwardly.

“I can feel a huge amount of life energy on the island. If I’m not wrong, he should still be there. But I can’t probe further into the details, and there are also disturbances deterring my predictions. After all, they have a wizard with them too…” The radiance of spells shone over Boruk as he shook his head with a bitter smile.

“Why would we attack? We can just patiently surround the island here, it’ll be impossible for anyone there who isn’t of a high rank...

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