Chapter 846

Barren Island

“Boss, why do we have to go against the Black Skeletons and Tigersharks? Marquis Louis and the Baltic archipelago are behind them, and we’re no match for THEM… Isn’t it better to stay out of the way like we did in the past? The sea is so vast. They can’t find us…” A pirate who looked kind stood out.

“Are you questioning my decision, Stalker?” Leylin’s voice was low, immediately causing the hall to turn chilly.

This was the disadvantage of staying at Port Venus and avoiding trouble. Since he controlled the pirates from the shadows most of the time, he still didn’t have enough of a grasp on them. This was especially true of those like Stalker who’d just joined. He’d originally commanded a few ships himself, and had never experienced how brutal and callous Leylin could be. There were things he did not understand.

Stalker froze, but still mumbled everything out anyway, “I obviously wouldn’t want to do that, but we have to worry about our brothers…”


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