Chapter 845

Dawn of Battle

“Young master! We’ve received word that those Barbarians at Pirates’ Cove are acting strangely!” It was very unlikely for such a large-scale shift in manpower to be hidden from other organisations. William got a report quite quickly.

“The Barbarians? Get me a map of the sea!” William put down the copper telescope. The feeling of possessing so much power left him in a marvellous mood.

Under him was a huge three-masted ship that was over 300m long, able to displace 500 metric tons of water when sailing. The terrifying battleship, its deck and hull coated in magic armour, was a symbol of invincibility and tyranny in the outer seas.

A flag with a sinister black skull on it flapped around in the wind, the mark of the Black Skeletons. This was one of the three great pirate crews of the outer seas of Dambrath, with over 300 elites and ten large battleships. Their flagship had been remodelled with ma...

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