Chapter 843


“Set out immediately towards the Baltic archipelago, and find someone for me,” Leylin could not help but to get Karen’s attention, as he saw the bewildered expression on her face.

“Who?” Karen was surprised. Could it be that the master had made other preparations over there? Did this mean that he had lost trust in her? Once she thought of the consequences of being abandoned, Karen involuntarily began to tremble.

That display made Leylin inwardly laugh to himself.

“Go and find Viscount Tim, and tell him the truth about who you are. In addition, tell him that I am willing to form an alliance with him and help him become a marquis!” Leylin laughed coldly, as if he were the devil.

“Viscount Tim?” Karen was shocked, and couldn’t help but to lift her head up. She had heard many times about the Faulen family’s affairs after joining Leylin’s troops, and she certainly knew that Viscount Tim had been the main ringleader in coveting the Faulen Island’s territory.

This viscount was also the Scarlet Tigers’ biggest...

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