Chapter 842


“Apart from the issue with the church, there is also another matter which is related to why I came…” Xena’s gaze pierced straight into Leylin.

‘Finally, here it comes,’ He thought inwardly. He had long felt that as his profits from his two avenues of trade grew greater and greater, he would eventually attract the attention of larger organisations.

As this moment had come, his earlier alliances to protect his profits were no longer of any use. In reality, Leylin had already planned in his heart to exchange his techniques with them. He’d long since understood the rules of the game in this world, and that he could no longer maintain a monopoly by virtue of his own strength.

He was already surprised that he was able to gobble up a year’s worth of profiteering. Now, he would need to find a sufficiently powerful backer to sell his techniques to. From this point of view, the church of wealth was evidently a rather good option.

“Is it the fish floss and white sugar?” Leylin directly pointed it out.


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