Chapter 841

Goddess of Wealth

“We are all nobility, and can only follow the rules of the game between nobles…” Marquis Louis spoke slowly, “The Faulen Family was very weak before and had no real backing, which was originally a very good opportunity for us, but…”

Having said this, he glared at Tim, resulting in Tim lowering his head further.

The Faulen Family used to be like duckweed floating through the air [1. Uncertain, no good foundation], but even then Marquis Louis did not dare to deal with them out in the open. He’d only sent out pirates in secret.

Furthermore, if those pirates had succeeded, the family would be annihilated!

But things could no longer be played that way. The Faulen Family now had more connections in the region, as well as backers. The strength they possessed was rapidly increasing. If he did not use all the strength he had at his disposal, Marquis Louis was not confident that he could wipe them out.

But was this possible? Even as a marquis of the kingdom, he could not attack the territory of...

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